We're back with the Local Brew Series today, reviewing yet another local brewer, Jack's Abby Brewing from Framingham MA. Founded officially in January 2011, this brewery was founded by three beer-loving brothers - Jack, Eric and Sam. What has become evident over the course of making this Local Brew Series is that many (all?) craft brewers start their "careers" home-brewing, and the real business is born out of that. Jack's Abby is no different - Jack began experimenting with home brews when he was in college, and even harvested hops grown at their family farm in Vermont. Now approaching the anniversary of their second year of brewing, they continue to use high quality local ingredient and great recipes to make tasty and authentic beer.

The specific beer we sampled from Jack's Abby was the Ginger and Juice - a beer I originally sampled at a local brew festival, and then we found again in bottles for our tasting and photo shoot. As noted on the label, this is a "Wickedly Hopped and Spiced IPL," and it's definitely both of those things - hoppy and spicy. Brewed with pureed ginger, grapefruit juice, grapefruit peel and local buckwheat, the beer has very subtle aromas of citrus and ginger. The spice and the hops come through strongly with your first sip, though the beer is surprisingly smooth for how big it is. I don't tend to love overly hoppy beer, but this one was seriously delicious.

We photographed the beer in an iittala Aarne Beer Glass - a simple piece to feature a big and powerful brew. Also pictured: iittala Sarpaneva Coaster and Chilewich Lattice Placemat in White.

In case you're looking to get your hands on a bottle of this, we picked ours up at Craft Beer Cellar in Belmont, and you can too. For all things craft-beer related, there really is no better resource. The crew at Craft Beer Cellar is pretty great! And if you're interested in learning more about Jack's Abby, trying some of their beer, or taking a brewery tour, visit their website for more information.