david mellor cafe flatware and sea scallop Amidst this New England heat wave, we took some time to cool off with wine and fresh seafood at a friend's Cambridge dinner table. That friend and loyal Didriks customer is named Marshall, although the kids at Milton Academy probably know him better as Mr. Carter. That's right, we ate at the principal's table.

Marshall, being the gracious host that he is, arranged for Benji, who moonlights as a private chef, to come in and take care of the cooking. In his day job, Benji works at Milton Academy dining services. But, he's not any old lunch-man. He's responsible for much of the gourmet catering that emerges from the swinging doors of Milton's kitchens for its many functions & fundraisers.

The meal was a feast of perfect proportions. A refreshing golden beet borscht cooled us down after a hot summer's day and scallops, fennel, and striped bass delighted our palettes with light and well-orchestrated flavors. And a silky chocolate terrine had us cooing in gastronomic delight.

The menu follows and there will be more on our beautiful summer table setting of Jars Poeme dinnerware, David Mellor Cafe flatware, and Chilewich bamboo placemats to follow. Visit our Flickr for more photos.

First Course

Golden beet borscht with a garnish of red beet, pickled Vidalia onions, horseradish cream, and green beans

Second Course

New Bedford sea scallop on waffle chip with bacon, corn puree, and pan roasted corn

Third Course

Shaved fennel salad with dry cured olives, sweet orange, and shaved Pecorino Romano

Main Course

Striped Bass with asparagus, heirloom tomato salad, fresh basil, caramelized garlic, capers, and a garlic lemon aioli


Chocolate terrine with black raspberry puree, crispy fillo dough, and mango

borscht in jars poeme bowl

new bedford sea scallop on jars poeme canape plate

fennel salad on jars poeme dessert plate

striped bass with asparagus on jars poeme dinner plate

chocolate terrine on pillivuyt quartet plate