Bento = love: Rich's lunches

Bento = love: Rich's lunches

By Hairee Lee

Everyday at work, I see Rich, my coworker, with his bento box that his wife Toyoko packs for him. I have to admit I get wistful, remembering the bento boxes my mom used to make for me when I was a kid in Korea. (Nowadays, I bring leftover takeout for lunch and it hardly even matters what it looks like because I'm looking at my computer screen working straight though lunch.)

Toyoko makes beautiful bentos and it's obvious that she loves Rich very much. Beautifully packed and wrapped, these lunches are small works of art and they're as satisfying to the eye as they are to Rich's belly.

If the quality and the love of the people in one's life is the true measure of one's wealth, then Rich is rich.

Here's a look at the week in the life of Rich's lunch time. Eat your screens out.







Thanks to Rich for letting us photograph his lunches and a HUGE thanks to Toyoko for her fabulous creations.