Sunday Brunch Menu

Sunday Brunch Menu
fruit salad close up

By Hairee Lee

Laura, our chief Dinner Series cook and my best friend, put together the menu and executed the recipes, as usual, to perfection. All the brunch items were absolutely delicious. It even got to me think that investing in the crock pot was neither too domestic nor a conspicuous expense. Before this, I always thought crock pots were one of those somewhat useless wedding gifts people get and then re-gift at Christmas. I mean, who really uses this stuff other than old people? I've been properly straightened out after this meal.

For recipes, just click on the name of the dish in the menu below or the thumbnails above!

By Laura
Brunch Items
Bacon! In a cup!
Melon Medley Fruit Salad in Watermelon Bowl
Crock Pot French Toast
Spinach Frittata

Photographs by Nate Brescia. For more pictures of this event go to our album on Flickr.