My sister and I concocted this breakfast cocktail during Christmas last year (2010). We we ran out of orange juice in the middle of brunch. Christmas morning and not a single corner store or super market open. What to do? There was some pomogranate juice in her fridge. I know the stuff is full of the supposedly health promoting anti-oxidants, but I find it cloyingly sweet. But we were stuck in a deserted world of Christmas retailers. So we forged on and experimented to delicious results. After a few tentative sips and then bolder quaffs, "Pomosa!" declared my sister. Brilliant.

Dinner 12: Sunday Brunch was my chance to introduce this breakfast cocktail discovered by the Lee sisters to the DS crew and guests. It looks fab and tastes great and a fun alternative to the old mimosa.

Pomosa Serves 1


  • POM pomegranate juice. ((Don't get the pomegranate "juice" that is actually pomegranate juice cocktails , which are pomegranate adulterated as far as I'm concerned with filler juices. POM is the one my sister and I used. It's got great clarity for a nicer looking cocktail and tastes more like pomegranate.
  • Prosecco or any sparkling white wine. ((I wouldn't waste expensive champagne (the real stuff) on this or any cocktail.))


  1. In a champagne flute, fill 1/3 of glass with pomegranate juice. For Dinner 12: Sunday Brunch we used the Iittala Essence Champagne flutes
  2. Top off the glass with sparkling wine. Enjoy! Enjoy three!

Photographs by Nathan Brescia.