Update: "Mad Men" Dinner Series Event Scheduled for March 2012

Update: "Mad Men" Dinner Series Event Scheduled for March 2012
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Written by Hairee Lee I started watching AMC's acclaimed television series this year at the behest of my best friend, Laura Wilson, two months ago and proceeded to go through every episode of all four seasons within a span of one and half weeks. Granted, I'm a TV slut and will pretty much watch anything. That doesn't mean, however, I don't know the difference between Mad Men and Big Brother 13, or Weeds and Homeboys in Outer Space, or Breaking Bad and Cop Rock (created by the same guy who created "Hill Street Blues", Steven Bocho, where cops burst into song while copping it hard-core).

It was a sad day when I finished the last episode of Season Four and was informed by Laura with mournful frustration that Season Five would not be starting on schedule as expected for this summer, but now slated for March of next year. Granted, that is the month of my birthday, but good Lord! March 2012? In the words of Detective Mike McCann, played by Denis Leary, from the remake of the Thomas Crown Affair, "You know what? Life is full of shitty conflicts, okay?"

So just as a big heads up, the Didrik's Dinner Series will be having a Mad Men inspired dinner event to celebrate The Season Five premiere. Next March.

In the mean time, for those of you whose lives are rich and want to enrich it further, for those of you with nothing to watch on the desert of Summer television line-ups, catch up on your Mad Men. You've got eight months to find out why this show has just garnered 19 Emmy Nominations.