Lower Falls Wine Company Thanksgiving wine selections For this Thanksgiving dinner, we benefited from the oenophillic expertise of Phil Minervino, of the Lower Falls Wine Company in Newton Lower Falls. Here are his selections.

Left to Right:

  1. 2009 Clos de la Roilette Red Beaujolais
  2. Argyle Brut
  3. 2007 Bedell Chardonnay
  4. 2009 Fürst Müller-Thurgau
  5. 2004 R. López de Heredia Viña Cubillo
  6. 2008 Grand Vin de Bourgogne Rully
  7. 2006 Barone Ricasoli Castello di Brolio Chianti

Phil offered these words on his selections.

The dirty, inside secret is that there is no single magic bullet wine for this highly personalized feast. My goodness, consider the possible assortment of vegetables alone. Then cooking techniques... In fact, after cooking pheasant for the first time earlier this month, I decided to ditch the turkey and serve this delicious game bird to my (adult) guests.

With that said, you gotta have white and red wine on the table. Festive sparks are a requirement as well. It made sense to begin with the Argyle from Oregon, as this is an American holiday. With a multitude of bottles on hand, I suggest & instruct guests to pour themselves short tastes rather than larger, more standard servings. In this fashion folks have room to navigate and try different things.

I've selected a true across-the-board spectrum. We're a nation of immigrants, so I am Catholic in my choices. Good wine is good wine and interesting things can come from many differing places. Including Long Island! (Don't all of us have a relative from NY?) If any of you are disappointed by the lack of a dessert wine, my apologies. My reasoning went that you would be so full, a little bit dolce at the end would simply be a cheap thrill.

We served the wine from a beautiful Match Pewter glass carafe and into Simon Pearce Corinth red wine glasses. As much as we like a good looking wine bottle, we love the look of a clear carafe on the table to exhibit the rich color of red wine, complementing it with touches of lustrous pewter.

Match Pewter glass carafe and Simon Pearce Corinth red wine glass