Cheers: Basic Beer Collection by Schott Zwiesel

If the design-averse man in your life thinks that Didriks doesn't have anything for him, tell him to think again! We've polled the nation--okay, not really the nation, but we think it would be hard to find a group of men (or women) who don't enjoy a nice cold glass of beer. If you usually host the Superbowl - or at the very least, Sunday football games - the Schott Zwiesel Basic Beer collection will give you an amazing set of glassware to hold your favorite brands of beer. No matter your preference in flavor, region, or type of beer, the Schott Zwiesel collection at Didriks has a glass for you.

These beautiful beer glasses are extremely affordable, ranging in price from $14.99-$16.99, so have a look at the Basic Beer collection below, and see what suites your style!


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Images by: Didriks