Throw A Dessert Party

Amy Atlas is an event planner famous for her show stopping dessert tables.  We recently stumbled upon her blog and it inspired  us  to throw our own dessert party.



All Photos via Sweet Designs

Visit Amy's blog Sweet Designs to get more inspiration.  If you're handy in the kitchen you could bake your own goodies.  But really there is no need to fuss.  As you can see, it's all in the presentation.  The secret to Amy's dessert tables is  a clear color theme throughout.  Once you have that inspiration, the rest is easy.  If you purchase items from a bakery, meet with them before hand and let them know your color scheme.  We recommend bringing in a picture so they understand the look you're going for.  Next stop is the candy shop for more color coordinated sweets. You don't need a fancy shop.  Sometimes it is just a matter of culling the colors you want from standard candy choices.  Arrange these items on crisp white plates and beautiful glass bowls and you've got your party.

Serve the desserts with champagne, dessert wine, small bottles of sparkling water and  rich coffee and you will have a memorable event.  We love this party idea for upcoming spring events such as graduations, first communions and even a post dance recital fete.