Keep Little Hands Busy with New Modern Twist Kidz Placemats

After a long day of sitting still and paying attention to their teachers at school, it’s highly likely that your child can hardly sit still and wait patiently for a snack or dinner. You need something for them to do while you get things ready, and we have just what you need. Our New Modern Twist Kidz Placemat and Marker sets are the perfect way to keep your child busy while you take the cookies out of the oven or make last minute dinner preparations. These placemats and markers, which are available in several designs, are the perfect size for children and are a great way for your child to express themselves in a creative manner.

Additionally, parents will love these placemats because they are easy to clean (just wipe them off with a damp cloth or rinse it off). Plus, they are environmentally friendly, too, because they are reusable, which saves paper and trees.

Visit the Didriks website or our shop, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to check out our New Modern Twist Kidz Placemat and Marker sets.