Chilewich Leaf Placemats at Didriks

All summer long, we've talked about how to bring beach-style inspiration indoors. So why stop there? Let's keep it going with more season-inspired decor. With fall on the way, it won't be long before tired leaves lay themselves across manicured lawns. So let's follow the trend and lay Chilewich leaf placemats on tabletops within our dining and kitchen areas. The key to pulling off season decor is to use it wisely; you never want to overpower a room with too many season-inspired accessories. You also want to choose a color that draws the eye to a particular focal point in the room. In this case, we want guests to notice our leaf placemats and Didriks tableware.

Another key factor to pulling off a seasonal look is to select colors that coordinate with existing décor. Luckily, the Chilewich leaf placemats come in an assortment of colors that are sure to please the eye while accommodating the style and finish of any tabletop.

Images by: Didriks