Bring in the Color of Summer with Jars Ceramics Vases

Bring in the Color of Summer with Jars Ceramics Vases

When we think "summer" we think, lots of sunshine, vegetable gardens bursting with flavor, and brightly colored beach balls and summer accessories. It looks like the folks at Jars Ceramics are feeling our vibe because their ceramic vase line is infused with vibrant summer energy you can bring inside. Jars Ceramics Ipso VaseIpso Vase. The unique thin, rectangular shape of the Ipso Vase provides the opportunity to get creative and wow your party guests with your flair for flower arranging. It's hard to pick a favorite glaze because each color has it's own personality. Designers left the bottom portion raw for a matte finish.

Jars Ceramics Mato VaseMato Vase. This Mato Vase reminds us of a hollowed out section of Japanese bamboo, perfect for a grouped Ikibana project. It comes in an array of vibrant colors and is made from environmentally friendly, raw natural materials.

Jars Ceramics Karo VaseKaro Vase. The Karo Vase is the Yang to the Mato's Yin. It's square shape is slightly imperfect, which coordinates with the Japanese ideal of Wabi Sabi - all things are transient and the imperfect is inherently perfect.

Jars Ceramics Soliflor vaseSoliflor Vase. We love the sweet neck of the Soliflor Vases, which appear as if they are stretching to reach the sun. They are ready-made for the single, perfect bloom you bring in from your summer garden. A contrasting colored Gerber Daisy would be the Soliflor's ideal mate.

Best of all, Jars Ceramics vases are all 100% dishwasher safe and chip-proof. They're hand-made and glazed, and can easily stand on their own as beautiful ceramic art.