What's New? Poeme Dinnerware

We're only halfway through 2012, so that means we've got plenty of time to surprise you with lovely additions found on Didriks.com. We'd like to call your attention to the Poeme dinnerware from Jars Ceramics. Isn't this collection charming? The shape is certainly inspired by the gentle twists and turns from the Jars Tourron collection. And to be accommodating, this dinnerware is offered in several glaze options, showing off  a nice choice of whites. As we say on Didriks.com, the new Neige glaze looks similar to a powdered frosting of white on off-white. The Mica glaze has a grey-white craquelure as a subtle contrast to the Neige. What do you think of these eye-catching pieces? Poeme Dinnerware

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Photo via  Didriks