What Dreams are Made of: The Dreams Collection

Kosta Boda has been an innovative leader of glassworks since the 1742. They're known for combining brilliant colors with modern design. They often commission inspiration from world-renowned artists, who work closely with the Kosta Boda glass artisans to bring their visions to life. The Dream Series is a remarkable collection created by artist Bertil Vallien. Didriks offers three sculptures, all samples of what dreams are made of. They are a perfect gift for the art aficionado in your life. Each one encapsulates images and feelings common to human dreamscapes.


Floating. So often our dreams have a slow motion or floating quality. Vallien's Floating sculpture captures this feeling in a blue glass medium. The figure, suspended in a circular etching, could be soaring through the cosmos or floating in the deep blue oceanic swirl, free from all attachments.


Kosta Boda Dreams Flying High Sculpture

Flying. Remember the floating or flying dreams you had as a child? Consider yourself lucky if these dreams still make an appearance as an adult. If you would like to relive that feeling in your waking life, spend time with Flying High. The image of a flying figure, making its way from home to an unknown destination, will bring back long-absent feelings of exhilaration.



Kosta Boda Dreams Meeting Sculpture

Meeting. Dreams have long been seen as messages from a higher power or intuition. The Meeting sculpture is a reminder to listen to your own dream messages in order to break free from the constraints of your conscious, busy life.

Re-inspire your dreams with the Dreams Collection at Didriks.