Post Vacation Blues

Do you love going on vacation but hate reentry when you get home? Apartment Therapy recently wrote an article about avoiding the post vacation blues.  We thought the tips were worth passing along.


Clean the house: It may seem like the absolute last thing on earth you're going to feel like doing before you leave for vacation, but I always keep this in mind. You're going to be pretty upset when you arrive back home from your tropical vacation and you're most definitely not going to feel like cleaning (especially if you have pets, because they'll have left a plethora of things to clean up).

• Laundry: Make sure all of the laundry is finished and there are clean sheets on your bed. You've been used to the daily turn-down service at the hotel and it'll feel wonderful to walk into your clean room with fresh, clean sheets calling your name after a long flight.

• Groceries: Non-perishable, of course. Make sure there are things to drink (even just bottled water) and other non-perishable items in the house. You might be hungry when you get home, or may even want to cook breakfast the morning after getting home. You probably won't want to run to the market first thing.

• Rest Day: If you're afforded the luxury of ample vacation time, or just say the heck with it — add an adjustment day! If you're returning on a Sunday you're going to need Monday to recoup before returning to the office.

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