Owl about it

mediaCAZJ68AYWe’ve all seen it happen: One day there’s a hot new item out in boutique store-front windows and within a few months, it’s tossed into the “SO LAST YEAR!” pile with the rest of the has-beens.  So we find it surprising that one of late 2008’s hottest design and fashion trends is still going strong.  And it has even reinvented its approach to invade the realm of household furnishings! That little gem is none other than the owl. Now maybe it’s a desire for the more whimsical and wise or perhaps it’s just simply the standard trend cycle that’s keeping this nocturnal creature en vogue but HOOO cares! We love them and aren’t interested in asking too many questions. They’ve been popping up everywhere including  big-box stores like IKEA and even online at community sites like etsy.com in everything from fabrics to T-Shirts to accessories and more recently, in household decor. Among Didriks owl offerings is the iittala Toikka Barn Owl figurine by designer Oiva Toikka .

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