Loving the Lounge: Barlow Tyrie Lounge Chairs

Loving the Lounge: Barlow Tyrie Lounge Chairs

Wintertime is all about indoor projects and movie lounging. Spring and summer are all about outdoor projects and pool-side lounging. That's why we're pleased to offer our selection of living-room worthy loungers for your outdoor furniture collection. Now, what kind of lounger are you?


Barlow Tyrie Capri Base Sun Lounger

The Frog. Is your lounger more of a towel holder, and brief resting place, between your swimming and flotation rotations? If so, the Capri Base Sun Lounger is right up your alley. It's feet are planted firmly on the ground, and it keep your towel sun warmed. Should you choose to grace it for a moment of rest, you can tilt the backrest to the appropriate comfort level and relax before you hop back into the water.


Barlow Tyrie Capri Ultra Lounger

The Lounge Lizard. If you feel that big, blue expanse of water is better for feet dangling or the occasional, cooling dip, you will appreciate the many benefits of the Capri Ultra Lounger. It can be wheeled from place to place as you follow the sun's rotation, and in addition to the traditional back tilt, you can adjust your leg angles as well. Aaaaah, pool side lizard lounging at its finest.


Barlow Tyrie Quattro Stacking Sun Lounger

The Pool Party Professional. You have business and personal guest-lists at the ready. The outdoor entertainment system is hooked up year-round, and the outdoor kitchen is already stocked. Unstack your collection of Quattro Stainless Steel Loungers and get the party started. They're sleek outdoor furniture for the pool party professional.

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