Jars France Ceramic Vases

Jars Ceramic Vases have bright, bold glazes and exotic shapes, sure to add an amazing flare to your home. Each vase is handmade and glazed, and the entire collection offers unique imagery and captivating colors. We've included some of the vases offered on Didriks.com that will make your decorative heart melt. Aren't you falling in love with unusual shape of the Jars Ipso vase? This piece makes a great focal point for any room in your home. The long and narrow opening allows for interesting bouquet arrangements. The crackled glaze and color gradation dominates the vase from top to bottom. And for a matte finish, the lower section is raw ceramic and left unglazed. The indigo is glazed top to bottom.

Jars Ceramics Ipso Vase

Jars Ceramics Soliflor vase

Jars Ceramics Mato Vase

The name tells all with the Jars Soliflor vase , which will beautifully display a solo flower.  There is a slight curve  at the top of the  Jars Soliflor Vase, which fosters an organic feel of the vase bending with the bloom. This stunningly glazed piece can captivate on its own or intrigue guests as a set with a mix of colors of three bold hues: orange, lemon, and stucco white. All of the Jars France Ceramics vases are dishwasher safe, chip-resistant and environmentally friendly, composed of natural raw materials.