For Wine Lovers Only: Schott Zwiesel

It's no secret among wine connoisseurs. They resoundingly agree that wine should be tasted from a glass designed for that specific type of wine and its characteristics. That is why those of us at suggest a coveted brand: Schott Zwiesel. Not only does the line offer an appropriate wine glass for many different types of wines, Schott Zwiesel has the advantage of their patented Tritan® technology in manufacturing. When manufactured in Germany, Schott Zwiesel glasses are comprised of titanium and zirconium,  making remarkably break resistant and etch resistant stemware. See some of the pictures below of just  few of the glasses you'll find from this designer on The Pure Collection by Schott Zwiesel


Cru Classic by Schott Zwiesel


The Bar Specail Collectionby Schott Zwiesel

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