Exactly What you Were Looking For!

didriksgiftregWhether you’re the one in search of items to buy someone for their special occasion or you’re lucky one who is seeking said items, gift registries are a must.  And Didriks has got you covered. Our comprehensive online registry takes the guesswork out of gift-giving and can also guide guests—that might otherwise be left to their own devices, YIKES!—in the right direction. It also contains many other features that can help you celebrate your event and manage the gifting process. On-line announcement page, on-line photo album, RSVP, Guestbook, Gift Summary, E-Notification can all help you avoid unwanted and duplicate gifts, making it convenient for your friends to buy you the perfect gift. Here’s a “Gift Registry Guide 101” where we’ve answered some frequently asked questions about setting yours up. Click here to go directly to our registry page where further details about our policies can be found. How do I set up a registry at Didriks?

Set up a registry by clicking on the "Add to Registry" button, which is located on the product pages, usually next to the "Add to Cart" button. The system will automatically check to see if you are logged in. If not, it will ask you to either log in, or, if you are new to the system, take you through the registration process.

Does it cost anything to register?

No, registration is free.

How do my friends access my registry?

The easiest way is to search for your registry by your name. You can find the Registry Search box at eWish.com or on your merchant's website.

Some merchants may also accept orders by phone or inside their retail store. Please contact your merchants for more details. You may contact your merchant by contacting them by e-mail at jonathan@didriks.com or phone at (617) 354-5700.

When will I receive my gifts?

Shipping times depend on the merchant and the product. When a gift is purchased from the registry, we automatically send it to the merchant. Most merchants will notify you via e-mail if the gift is delayed and give you the opportunity to cancel the order or substitute something else if you do not want to wait. If you do not receive the gift within the time frame that you expect, please contact the merchant by contacting them by e-mail at jonathan@didriks.com or phone at (617) 354-5700.