Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe: Vinotagz Keep Your Wine Glass Yours
Vinotagz Basic Pack of 6

You decide to take advantage of a sun soaked weekend and invite a few friends over for margaritas and tequila marinated shrimp or sangria and tapas. And somewhere between carrying your cocktail or chilled pinot between the barbecue to the kitchen to the deck to the pool, you forget which glass is yours. This happens to me fairly often and I end up not caring whose glass I pick up . . . to some of my guests' chagrin. Most of us have seen the little wine charms made of a wire ring and a small charm that some people use to overcome this problem of losing track of your wine or cocktail glass. You're expected to remember what sort of trinket your wine glass is wearing. But for me, one tacky bauble just blends with the next and it's hard to remember if I am pink heart or purple heart, or palm tree or pineapple.

Want something more contemporary and updated in appearance and innovative in design? Something that won't make a conspicuous noise every time you raise your glass to take a sip? Something that not only works as a wine glass marker but also as a napkin ring?

Modern Twist Vinotagz are made of FDA grade silicone. They have a square shape with rounded corners and the circular cutout. The slit on one side lets you slip it easily over a napkin or a wine glass stem. The flexibility and lightness of the silicon allows it to perform both functions. The material also means you can't step on it and crack or bend it like plastic or metal napkin rings and it won't clink against the glass like the traditional wine charms. This annoys me and I usually remove it. It comes in a cube shaped plastic case that has a hole through it. This is so that when you store you tags, it form a cubic doughnut, if you will, where the cut out area slips right over the wine bottle neck. Makes storing or transporting the rings with your wine easy, not to mention ingenious.

Modern Twist didn't compromise on the clean, contemporary shape of the Vinotagz--always square with a round hole--but if you like variety, you can choose from a large selection of colors, whether solid or patterned. You can browse Didriks' entire line of Modern Twist Vinotagz here. I love the high tech material, the dual function aspect, the noiselessness, the thought they put into even the storage case.

But the characteristic that really sets the Modern Twist Vinotagz apart from the other wine tags/charms is, if you so desire, you can write you name with a ball point pen directly on the silicone. Just wipe it with a damp cloth and store it in the small cube storage cases for your next sangria party!

Small but handy details like the Modern Twist Vinotagz (check out other Modern Twist items here) will make your summer gathering go smoothly. And switch free!