Drink Champagne!

Drink Champagne!

Boston area drinks expert Dale Cruise has embarked on a mission to drink champagne every day for year. His noble quest has had him drinking bubbly for 110 days now. Here is a snippet of a recent post:

During this holiday season, I’ve met lots of new people. Invariably, when talk turns to what I do, I mention this Champagne Campaign I’m on to sip sparkling wine every day for a year. Don Quixote with an empty glass, if you will.

People always have questions. “Is it Champagne every day or sparkling wine?” “Is it a different Champagne every day?” “Isn’t that expensive?”

But other than “Can I join you?!” the question I’m most often asked is, “Aren’t all of those Champagnes starting to blur together for you?”


Click here to read more of Dale's Champagne Campaigne.

Didriks has a few items that would definitely make Dale's brave quest much more pleasant:

A translation of classical wine custom with Iittala’s contemporary flair by designer Alfredo Haberli.


A Classic the double sized bucket is quite handy.


Mauviel's hammered aluminum bucket has a more contemporary feel than its copper counterpart.


The distinguishing features of the lead-free crystal Aarne bar glasses are their thick base and tall, thin delicate lines that elegantly flare outward.


Happy New Year!