A Touch of Glass

Didriks is proud to carry glassware and art glass by one of Europe’s oldest and most distinguished glassworks - Kosta Boda. Founded in  Sweden in 1742, the company has a number of famous artists on retainer to help create colorful and contemporary pieces like the Atoll Vase , available for purchase on our site. Just browsing through the collection of Scandinavian Design at Kosta Boda's website gives you a small glimpse into the amount of time and attention to detail that’s put in into each item. After all, the first hires at the original glassworks of Kosta Boda  were skilled glassblowers that spent a generous amount of time on each and every individual piece that they produced. Little is different today as Kosta Boda’s atoli vaseartisans and designers work side by side in the glassworks, cutting room, painting shop and engraving studio. But what really makes them special is that they continually draw on their long history in developing exciting new ideas and methods in design and glass craftsmanship. Kosta Boda’s designers and glassmakers have been showcased in exhibitions as well as permanent private and public collections throughout the world at places including the Corning Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, New York, the  Kunstmuseum, Düssledorf , Germany and the Art Gallery of Western Australia. Check out more of Kosta Boda’s creations at Didriks online. When you buy and give Kosta Boda, you're buying and giving history - a lineage of great design and craftsmanship that has endured for more than 260 years.