Scandinavian Inspirations
Looking at the beautiful designs of brands like iittala, Royal Copenhagen, Arabia, Rorstrand, Menu, and more, we are constantly inspired by the Scandinavian aesthetic. We've created a series of vignettes to share this inspiration and get you thinking about how you can incorporate the minimalist beauty and organic elegance of Scandinavia into your home.

Light Brunch

Swedish décor for the home always includes touches of nature. From fresh cut flowers and tree branches to wood accents and organic textiles, these elements create a casual and relaxed atmosphere. Choosing design elements that have meaning is another way to add character to the table. It’s common to see cherished heirlooms and antiques incorporated into a largely contemporary tablescape. The combination of old and new creates a unique, personal table that tells the story of the life that built it.

Intimate Dinner

Dinner in the evening is usually intimate and cozy. Light is especially important in Scandinavia as it gets dark early. Glass accents like votives and art glass help focus and catch the light. This table setting is relaxed and features diverse styles. Mixing Jars Vuelta and iittala Sarjaton creates a playful setting that is casual yet sophisticated. Match Pewter candle stick holders provide elegance and height to the setting. Dinner in Sweden revolves around family and conversation. Friday nights are considered special and dinner tables are more decorated.

Modern Take

Today, stylists, designers and architects all over the world are inspired by the simplicity of Scandinavian design. This table setting is a modern take on a traditional aesthetic. The weave of the Multi-stripe Champagne Chilewich mat is soft and the neutral colors complement the natural grain of the wood table. Many homes in Scandinavia proudly display their iittala birds, like this sweet little owl. There are many species of birds in Scandinavian, figures like the ittala Birds are another way to evoke nature in the home.  


The traditional Swedish coffee break, Fika, is a popular time for friends and families to sit down and enjoy baked goods and “kaffe”. Co-workers and friends usually meet up for Fika instead of lunch. This traditional gathering is a simple event to host, a convenient alternative to throwing a time-consuming dinner party. Our Fika table setting includes everyday pieces from the Rorstrand dinnerware collection. For a special Fika you might bring out more formal tea cups and tableware.