Wrap-A-Round Outdoor Seating

In a well-designed landscape, there should be plenty of outdoor furniture, providing ideal locations for sitting, dining, and enjoying Mother Nature through the seasons. Unfortunately, this can also mean residents and guests must become human sun dials as they migrate from place to place, making the most of the available sun and shade while the light changes over the course of a day. Wrap-a-round outdoor seating offers a solution. By using wrap-a-round outdoor seating, you can truly enjoy the laziest of afternoons. When the sun and/or shade shifts, a mild seating adjustment will preserve your comfort zone.

Barlow Tyrie Glenham Teak Circular Landscape Tree Seat

Under the trees. Barlow Tyrie's Circular Teak Landscape Tree Seat is right out of a story book. If a tree is close to a building or other landscape feature, one will suffice. If your tree is unobstructed on all sides, you can use two to completely surround the trunk. When it isn't being enjoyed, it's picturesque all by itself. For a more angular shape, and a little more leg room, you can try their Hexagonal tree bench.

Barlow Tyrie Glenham Teak Curved Seat 9 ft Radius

A conversation bench. Not only is this Glenham Teak Curved Bench elegant, the gentle curve makes it the perfect conversation bench too. No more craning your neck to hear what the person on the other end has to say. It's works in any outdoor setting, from pool deck to English garden.

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