Outdoor Cushions - Brights, Stripes or Neutrals?
Barlow Tyrie Cushion Color Macaw

Didriks carries a full range of color options for Barlow Tyrie outdoor furniture cushions and throw pillows.  We have  fourteen popular color and print options online ranging from brights to stripes to neutrals.  Pick your favorites and mix and match for a personalized look. Of course, if you wish an even broader palette to choose from, the entire range of hundreds of Sunbrella colors is available. Simply contact Didriks and we would be delighted to assist you with selecting custom color options and requirements. Grey is the hot color this season and we have are carrying two new sunbrella fabrics this year that are in the grey family.  One is Lead Chine and the other is Quaddri. These are exclusive colors made in France for Barlow Tyrie and distribution is limited in the United States.

Barlow Tyrie Macaw cushion

Sky Blue Striped Barlow Tyrie Cushion Colors

Forest Green Cushion Color Barlow Tyrie