Liven up your Outdoor Furniture with Throw Pillows

If you have Barlow Tyrie outdoor furniture, you are familiar with its high quality fabrics that offer a variety of beautiful designs. The best thing to accent your Barlow Tyrie furniture or any outdoor furniture is to add colorful throw pillows. Throw pillows really brighten up your outdoor spaces with a burst of vibrant color. One of the great aspects of using throw pillows is that you can switch them out with pillows of a different design or color and create a totally different look. The 18" throw pillows by Barlow Tyrie are fabulous for your outdoor furniture because they are specially designed to withstand years of use outside. The Barlow Tyrie throw pillows are made with quick drying rugged Sunbrella-brand fabric and can endure years of brisk cleaning. They are available in a variety of colors and if you would like them made in custom colors or other Sunbrella fabrics, you can contact Didriks for more options.