Didriks Featured in this Month's Issue of Elle Decor

We are very pleased and excited to announce that Didriks had the incredible honor of being featured in this month's issue of Elle Decor! Two Didriks items, the Berti Knives and the Match Pewter Cylinder Hurricane Candle Holder, were featured in the magazine. Check out photos of those items here.

Berti Knives, like the one shown in this Berti Carving Knife Set, were pictured  in Elle Decor. "Blades of Glory" inside Elle Decor featured the Berti Chef Knife and the Berti Carving Knife Set in red lucite. These beautiful knives are handmade by the Italian artisans at Coltellerie Berti and are perfect for using while cooking in the kitchen.

This Match Pewter Cylinder Hurricane Candler Holder was also featured inside Elle Decor. These Match Pewter Hurricanes are handmade in Italy, crafted with special care using techniques that were used hundreds of years ago. Match Pewter Hurricanes are beautiful candle holders and make lovely additions to any home's decor.