Brighten Winter Nights with Soy Candles from Didriks

Every Thanksgiving host understands the importance of ambiance. Aside from linen table linens and a great spread we must consider lighting. Since Thanksgiving brings families together we think the lighting should be warm and intimate. Lafco candles from Didriks are a creative way to bring intimate lighting to your dining room. Candles have lit and illuminated celebratory events and traditions for more than 5,000 years! So honor your family and traditions with Lafco candles, specially blended in France for your holiday needs.

Facts about Lafco Candles:

  • Soy based wax
  • 100% natural cotton wick
  • Over 90 hours of burn time
  • Each candle is wrapped in hand-blown art glass

Be sure to visit or stop by the store, located at 190 Concord Ave Cambridge, MA to shop each Lafco Candle collection.

Image by: Didriks