Tea Anyone? Hearth Ceramics Offers Lovely Teapot Choices
Heath Ceramics Small Teapot $75.00

With the chilly temps fully emerged, we are inclined to stay warm by sitting near the fire and enjoying a hot cup of tea. Didriks.com wants to help you stay warm by offering you a bevy of elegant choices of teapots from Hearth Ceramics. We want to call your attention to the Heath Ceramics Large Teapot, an iconic Heath piece designed in the 1940s. With its copper handle hand wrapped in leather, this teapot is sure to complement all dinnerware whether traditional, modern, colorful or neutral. Not only is the Heath Ceramics Large Teapot beautiful and elegant, but also very functional as it is microwave, dishwasher and over safe. Heath Ceramic Large Tea Pot $190.00

Are you looking for a smaller option? The Heath Ceramics Small Teapot is a lovely choice, especially as the pot showcases a unique design. There is a lovely cork that closes the Heath Ceramics Small Teapot, a look that works with any dinnerware on Didriks.com and is perfect for someone making a personal pot of tea for himself or herself. Like the Heath Ceramics Large Teapot, the Heath Ceramics Small Teapot is microwave, dishwasher and oven safe.

Heath Ceramics Small Teapot $75.00

For more choices that match your ideal teapot look, visit Didriks.com.

Photos: Didriks.com