Revol Revolution's Tagine Featured in Food & Wine Magazine

It is no wonder Food & Wine Magazine featured the Revol France Revolution tajine in their March issue under the headline “Smart Style – Who says functional can’t be beautiful?” This sleek Revolution tajine goes from freezer to the microwave or from induction or gas heat to a traditional oven, or from the table to the dishwasher. When you are finished cooking the base of the tajine is a beautiful serving dish. If  you haven't enjoyed cooking with a tajine we heartily recommend it. The slow cooking method originated in North Africa but it is growing in popularity here in the United States. Dishes "stew" in the tajine during slow oven cooking. Celebrity chef Jaime Oliver describes the results as  "stew with attitude". A google search will unearth some good recipes that utilize a tajine. We thought this one from Jaime Oliver looked quite tasty.



Revol Tajine With Lid comes in a variety of lively colors - here are just a few:




Visit the Didriks website to learn more about this revolutionary cookware.  Don't forget that Didriks provides free shipping on all Revol France products within the contiguous United States.