PILLIVUYT: Tour de France, Stage 7

PILLIVUYT: Tour de France, Stage 7

Stage 7 of the Tour de France began this morning, starting at Le Mans in the Loire Region, through much of Central France where the riders will stop in Chateauroux in the Berry Region of Central France. The Berry Region is home to Pillivuyt, the largest manufacturer of fine French culinary porcelain in the small town of Mehun-sur-Yèvre. With a population of 6889, the town has it's roots in the Middle Ages and is known as one of the most beautiful detours in France and famous for its history with Joan of Arc. She visited Charles VII, who inherited the castle there from his granduncle, John the Magnificent, Duke of Berry and a notable patron to the arts. It was Joan's efforts that helped him get crowned in an effort to free France from the English.

In short, the town has an illustrious history, made more illustrious by the famous ceramisists, Pillivuyt. Founded by the Pillivuy family in 1818, each piece of white glazed porcelain or ceramic is still hand finished after nearly 200 years of manufacturing and they are also one of the few porcelain producers to develop their own paste according to its own formula. Sort of like bread artisans with their centuries old yeast cultures which they guard like state secrets.

Most people who've had contact with French cooking have probably seen a Pillivuyt without realizing it. Ever had a souffle? Remember those white ramekin-type dishes with the pleating on the side housing the souffle risen and golden? Those were originally designed by Pillivuyt and copied by numberous ceramics manufacturers over the years. But Pillivuyt's Calssic pleated souffle dishes are the originals.

Pillivuyt has both cooking and dining collections, making them a go-to choice for most of your cook- and dinnerware needs. The look is classic and the quality internationally renown. Whether you choose one of their classic pieces like the Pillivuyt Lion Head Tureen or more contemporary pieces like the Pillivuyt Quartet Large Rectangular Platters, they'll make lasting and beautiful additions to your meal times.