Need Wedding Gift Ideas? Check Out Simon Pearce's Royalton Stemware

As we all know, there is a steady sound of wedding bells from June through September. It can be difficult to purchase the perfect wedding gift, whether you're buying for first-time newlyweds or those making their second trip to the alter. At Didriks, we feel the best wedding gifts are usually the ones that are both lovely and functional.  A piece of wall art might be stunning, but how often will you really notice it? With that in mind, Simon Pearce glassware fits both bills: it is absolutely gorgeous and can be used on a daily basis, or for special occasions, whichever the bride and groom prefer.

Simon Pearce's Royalton Stemware collection appeals to every taste. While the design is inspired by the Georgian period, they are perfectly at home in the modern era. It's hard to pick a favorite! Champagne flutes are ideal for the girlfriend who always chooses bubbly. The water goblets suit the socialite couple who live to throw dinner parties. And we can't think of anyone on our wedding list who wouldn't enjoy a set of red wine glasses.

Simon Pearce Royalton Flute

Simon Pearce Royalton Goblet

Simon Pearce Royalton Red wine


When you give the gift of Simon Pearce's Royalton Stemware, your loved ones will be toasting your health for years to come.