Jonathan's Spoons

Jonathan's collection of handcrafted cherry wood utensils has evolved from 30 years of experimentation in his wood shop and kitchen. They are cleverly designed to perch on the side of a pot or bowl so you don't have to worry about drips. A variety of styles can be used to scoop, strain, sprinkle, whisk, ladle, grab, cut, peel, paddle, or pour.  These spoons are the perfect example of a utilitarian item being taken to a whole new level of design and function. With a little care these beautifully handcrafted spoons will last a lifetime. The idea for Jonathan's business began when he forgot a spoon for his lunch while working as an apprentice furniture maker.  He used a scrap of wood to craft a spoon on the spot.  Years later when he was laid off from a job and looking to start his own business he remembered the spoon.  Thus, Jonathan's Spoons was born.  Jonathan's love for beautiful woods and his craftsmanship can be seen in each and every spoon he sells.