Everyday Art - Jonathan's Spoons
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We love finding the perfect products for every item in your kitchen. So, we were thrilled when we came across Jonathan's Spoons. These spoons demonstrate that there is no need to settle for the mundane when it comes to everyday objects.These spoons are handcrafted using the finest woods and carefully designed to be highly functional. The popular Lazy Spoon is pictured here. The handcrafted spoon has a notch on the handle to rest on the pot's edge. The Lazy Spoon ensures that drips stay in the pan, the handle stays cool and you know exactly where to find the spoon!


Caring for your wooden spoons is easy. Just follow Jonathan’s simple care guidelines:

  • Scrub the spoons with a Scotchbrite® pad using soap and water.
  • Occasionally oil them when you want them to look their best – natural coconut oil is Jonathan’s favorite! I do
  • Never put any type of wooden spoon in the dishwasher since this can cause the wood to dry out and crack.

Please note that we offer free shipping on all Jonathan's Spoons shipped within the contiguous United States.