Charm Guests with Color: Jars Ceramics Canape Plates

During the summertime, when you can count on warm, wonderful weather, many of us enjoy hosting our families, friends and neighbors at our homes. A wonderful, and indeed colorful, way to welcome your guests is with the Jars Ceramics Canape plates collection. This collection of Jars Ceramics plates is vibrant and versatile, with beautiful summery colors. It comes in five colors from the Jars Tourron collection, and the powdery neige glaze from the new Poeme collection. The set comes with four plates in the color of your choice: eggplant, orange and tilleul - all shown below - as well as mica and neige. We've highlighted just a few of the options here, but have many more available in store and at!

Jars Ceramics Canape Plates: Eggplant

Jars Ceramics Canape Plate: Orange

Jars Ceramics Canape Plate: Tilleul

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