Berti Pastry Knives Built for Your Favorite Desserts
Didriks-Cake-Berti-Palette-Server (1)

Sponge cake, chocolate and mousse oh my! These are just a few of our favorite things, with Halloween out of the way we're counting the days to Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays for numerous reasons, but here are the top three: 1.) sweets 2.) sweets and 3.) sweets! If you plan to eat enough homemade cake and pie for two (or three?!) people, you might as well serve it on shiny trays and platters by Alessi and slice decadent masterpieces with Berti's specialized pastry knives. Now, don't be intimidated by "specialized." You don't have to be a pastry chef to use or appreciate them. In this case, the term speaks to the craftsmanship and quality steel used to refine them. The Berti Pastry Knife collection includes more than 9 pieces built to slice and serve all of your favorite desserts. So, take a look and allow the Berti Pastry Knife collection to inspire your after-dinner menu.



Berti Chocolate Knife at Didriks

Berti Cake Palette Knife at Didriks

Happy Holidays!


Images by: Didriks-Berti Knives