The 7 Steps of Whiskey Tasting

So many people love to attend wine tastings, but whiskey tasting can be just as elegant and take your senses on a wonderful journey as well. After you and your dinner guests have had a delicious meal, grab your classic hand-blown decanter and pour a few generous sips of whiskey into Simon Pearce Norwich beakers. Now there are 7 simple steps you and your guests can follow to enjoy the full pleasure of the whiskey tasting. 1. Begin with a clean palate. If you and your guests have eaten recently, the flavors of the food could mask certain flavors on your palate. Be sure to have a few water crackers or simple cheese on hand.

2. Pour into clean glasses. Preferably something with low sides and you'll want to avoid washing whiskey glasses with perfume-like detergents.

3. Have water on hand. Water helps to rinse the mouth and soften the alcohol.

4. Do not over pour. The perfect pour is no more than a half an inch of whiskey in the glass. You want to allow the whiskey to move around.

5. Smell the Whiskey. Capture the aroma of the whiskey by sticking your nose in the glass and breathing in deeply.

6. Take slow sips. Gulps only excite the alcohol. Just take your time and sip slowly so the whiskey can roll and coat your mouth.

7. Spit or swallow. Avoid getting a buzz by picking up as much aroma as you can with your nose, then taste and finally spit or swallow.