Sex in the City 2
Film Review Sex and the City 2

The latest in the Sex in the City saga premiered to mix reviews yesterday.  Whether the movie reviews are positive or negative we think this movie premier might be the  perfect excuse for a glamorous party with your girl friends!

Send out a quick e-vite encouraging your friends to arrive in outfits inspired by their favorite Sex in the City character.  Ask everyone to pick up a little something to eat from their favorite restaurant - Carrie and company would not dirty their hands cooking!  All you need to do is supply a few festive cocktails.   Of course, champagne and Cosmos are the staples of the Sex in the City crowd, but we also recommend The Glamour Gal the latest Sex in the City inspired drink.

Glamour Gal

2 oz SKYY Vodka

0.5 oz Fresh Lemon Jo=uice

0.5 oz Fresh Lime Juice

0.5 oz Simple Syrup or 1 tsp sugar

Drop of Creme de cassis

Rim a crystallized martini glass with Creme de cassis and sugar.  Combine all ingredients in  a cocktail shaker with ice.  Shake vigorously and strain into the martini glass.  Finish the cocktail with a drop of Creme de cassis on top.

Of course we're sure it will taste better in an Ascutney Martini glass by Simon Pearce using bar tools by Rosle.