Outdoor Entertaining Accessories for a Stylish Garden Party

Now that sunshine is making its way into our lives on a daily basis your garden party planning can commence. In addition to chic summertime seating, outdoor entertaining accessories are important elements for creating a stylish outdoor ambiance. Here is our must-have list of outdoor entertaining accessories no host/ess should be without.

Barlow Tyrie Caisse Versailles Planter

Landscaping. One of the best features of outdoor life (besides the BBQ, pool, and fire pit, of course) is the landscaping. There's something so peaceful about surrounding yourself with lush green, flowering plants. These Barlow Tyrie Caisse Versailles Planters come in two sizes. You can use them for bright floral combinations or for attractive container gardening using colorful tomatoes, peppers, radishes, peas or beans.

Barlow Tyrie Crichton Serving Trolley

Cocktails, anyone? Food and drink service outdoors can become a challenge without the right outdoor entertaining accessories. This is especially true once you have one too many little drink umbrellas tucked behind your ear. The Crichton Serving Trolley or the Mercury Serving Table are the ideal solutions for serving guests delectable adult beverages without spilling a single drop. There is plenty of room for your ice buckets, glasses, and beverage mixers.

Barlow Tyrie Reims Storage Chest

Multi-Tasking Storage. Rather than cluttering your indoor space with your outdoor tableware, why not invest in a Reims Storage Chest. It can serve as a bench, a footrest, an end table and storage space. Another outdoor entertaining accessory you shouldn't live without is the matching Reims Refreshment Cooler.

So start making your garden party guest list and rest assured that Didriks can provide all of your stylish outdoor entertainment accessory needs.