Book Club Menus

If you belong to a book club you know that the socializing and eating can be just as important as the book.  If you're on deck to host your book club we suggest you serve a meal inspired by the book.  It is an easy way to plan a menu and the food is sure to be a conversation starter. A website called Lit Lovers is dedicated to book clubs. They offer menu ideas based on different regions of the world or countries helping you find recipes that are perfect for the book you are reading.  So, if your club is reading the latest book from Jumpha Lahiri you can find recipes for Indian food.  Is your book set in the Middle East?  Try a menu of Chick pea dip, lebanese lamb pie and lentil salad.

What is your club reading next?  Leave a comment - we'd love to hear from you.

Image via Lit Lovers.

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