Trying to Eat Healthy? Use these Kitchen Accessories

It's harvest time! While your garden has already yielded delicious fruits and vegetables, fall is the season when nature's bounty is everywhere. Take advantage of the abundance by learning to can, preserve, dry and freeze your produce so you'll be eating healthy all year round. In order to process and store your harvest efficiently, and to eat well in the meantime, Alessi and Rosle have some kitchen accessories that can help.

Weigh your portions. Whether you need to weigh your portions for a particular recipe, or are keeping an eye on portion control, a kitchen scale is handy to have around. Alessi's was designed by Stefano Giovannoni. It has a stainless steel, mirror-polish finish and an easy-to-read digital display that shows both standard and metric measurements.


The perfect slice. Hand slicing works, but using a slicer is significantly more efficient. You can adjust the Rosle Adjustable V-Slicer using five different settings, up to .2 inches. Whether you are wanting thicker slices for drying, or perfectly sliced tomatoes for a salad, you'll be able to process large amounts of produce quickly.

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Squeeze every last drop. Fresh squeezed glasses of orange juice are an excellent way to start the day. Freezing lemon and lime juice in ice cube trays makes it easy to enjoy fresh citrus juice for recipes throughout the fall and winter months. The Electric Citrus Squeezer has a stainless steel, mirror-polish finish with white thermoplastic resin. It's easy to clean and looks attractive on the counter-top.