Time to get the Grill Ready!

Even though it is still a bit cool out in some places, the warmer weather will be here in no time, and you want your grill to be ready for that first spring barbecue. If you keep your grill stored outside in a shed or simply covered on the back porch, make sure you give it a thorough cleaning before you fire it up. But you want to make sure you have the right cleaning utensils so you can properly clean your grill before you begin to cook and after you are done.

The Rosle Washing-up Brush is not only dishwasher safe, it has tough Polyester bristles that gently and reliably clean your outdoor grill.

If you need a cleaning tool that can maneuver into every awkward corner of the grill, the Rosle Barbecue Cleaning Brush is a great utensil. The brush features four, robust, tubular shaped brushes that have short, brass bristles that won't damage your precious grill.

If you want a bacteria fighting brush to kill all those germs that may have infiltrated your grill, the Rosle Cleaning Brush Anti-Bacterial uses small silver particles inside the plastic as bacteria cannot survive on the material treated with it. But don't worry, the very small particles are harmless to humans.

All of these great cleaning utensils are available at didriks.