The Modern Patio: Stainless Seating from Barlow Tyrie

Love the idea of high-quality, stylish outdoor furniture, but loathe the idea of the necessary upkeep? Turn your summertime gaze towards the stainless steel seating options we have in store for you. If modern metallic furniture isn't your style, never fear. There are stainless steel and teak alternatives that provide a high-quality, traditional look while maintaining the low-maintenance lifestyle your summertime demands.

Barlow Tyrie Equinox Deep 2 Seater Settee

Seating Options. Barlow Tyrie offers several comfortable, stylish, and low-maintenance furniture for the modern patio. The Equinox Deep Two Seater and Three Seater Settee options are comfortable, low profile, and look good next to water, sand, or a lush outdoor planter. They can also be paired with an end table to complete your modern outdoor living room.

Barlow Tyrie Equinox Stacking Lounger

Loungers. No outdoor furniture is complete without loungers. Perfect for reading, napping, sun bathing (with plenty of sunscreen!), or star gazing, the Equinox Stainless Steel Stacking Loungers can be placed anywhere you want to relax. They can also be stacked for easy storage or when you need to make room for the after-hours patio dance floor.

Barlow Tyrie Equinox Stacking Lounger Teak

Not-so-Modern. If you love the idea of low-maintenance, but prefer a traditional look, Barlow Tyrie designed their Teak and Stainless Steel Loungers and side tables just for you. They're equally comfortable and stackable, plus you can purchase outdoor furniture cushions for extra comfort and protection.

Stainless steel seating has never looked or felt so good. Order yours soon because summer season is just around the corner. Please continue to browse Didrik's outdoor furniture selection for more picture-perfect outdoor options.