Serving Trolley: For Serving Up Style Outdoors

Picture This: You have friends over for dinner. The drinks have been served, everyone is happily munching on delectable appetizers, and you finally get to sit down and take your first sip of a perfectly chilled white wine. Just as your lips hit the rim you hear, "Honey? Can you grab us a couple more beers?" Sigh. Sound familiar? Let us introduce you to a fabulous outdoor entertaining accessory: The Crichton Serving Trolley. Whether you host an annual garden party or are the go-to server for your friends and family, you'll love it because you can:Barlow Tyrie Crichton Serving Trolley

  1. Have a drink of your own! Not only does the serving trolley allow you to serve dozens of beverages in one fell swoop, it also allows the server (you) to enjoy your very own beverage before, during, and after drink service. Simply wheel and sip.
  2. Prevent spills. The outdoor drink hand-off is rarely as successful as it should be. In theory, people are trying to be helpful. In reality, it results in sticky splotches of spilled fruity beverages on your patio or deck, or worse, broken glass. The trolley allows you to place beverages directly into the hands of the drinker. After that, we admit, it's out of your control.
  3. Improve Memory. Or, rather, this handy outdoor entertaining accessory takes memory out of the equation. The trolley includes wine glass racks, bottle storage, and plenty of room for beer, mixers, and appetizers. No need to remember a thing when you can pour their drinks to order!

Make serving guests at your next outdoor party easy with help from the Crichton Serving Trolley available at Didriks.