Protect Outdoor Furniture with Barlow Tyrie Furniture Covers

How is it that just five minutes ago we were lounging pool side and sipping margaritas, and now we're watching the leaves fall and anticipating the arrival of winter? My, my how the seasons fly!Of course, with the change of seasons comes the need for protecting outdoor furnishings from the harsher winter elements. Barlow Tyrie furniture covers are just the thing to keep your furniture safe, while leaving them accessible for the intermittent sunny days when you might want to put them back in use.

Barlow Tyrie makes furniture covers for every size and shape of patio furniture. The weatherproof material is breathable, which keeps moisture from being trapped inside and prevents mold and mildew from taking over. They are ultra-lightweight and easy to put on. Specialized fasteners keep covers securely in place so you don't have to worry about them blowing off in a harsh winter storm.

Using furniture covers keeps your favorite chaise lounge or patio reading chair accessible for those occasional afternoons when the sun is warm enough to take advantage of, or for crisp, clear nights when the stars are just begging to be watched. Once warm weather returns again, the covers can be removed and stored in their convenient pouches.

While the Barlow Tyrie furniture covers are made specifically for their furniture, the dimensions are provided for easy non-Barlow Tyrie sizing. Contact Didriks if you need assistance to find the right fit for your outdoor furniture.