New Chilewich for Fall 2013

Chilewich dining line Placemats, runners, and floormats are to table settings what a frame is to a work of art. They secure the placement and create  clear borders around the focal points. Chilewich has released its new Fall 2013 line, which includes some fun and some formal options to set the tone for your future dinner parties and social gatherings.

Here are some of the highlights from their new line.

Chilewich Tulle Tech placemats

Graphic. Go bold with these modern Tulle Tech placemats. The pattern makes you want to touch it. The mats were created using an ancient technique, soutache, that clearly is as compelling design-wise as it was in the past. There are two versions of this pattern. The first has gold thread interwoven against a gray base. The second has silver threading.

Chilewich knit round placemats

Retro Placemats. As long as you're using a placemat to frame your place settings, why not literally go outside the box by using circular mats? These Chilewich Knit Round Placemats give a retro feel with their spherical shape. Make an eclectic design twist, by placing square plates on the mats to create an interesting contrast! It's available in brown, gray, and tan.

Chilewich mini basketweave placemat

Mini Basket Weave. Add drama with one of these Chilewich Mini Basketweave Rectangular Placemats. The mat has great texture, created by the eye-catching weave pattern. This black version works well with the cooler and darker tones of fall. Plus, your beautiful white china will pop against this dark background. It's both glamorous and decadent!

Continue browsing Didriks Chilewich collection to get your dining table ready for Fall.