New at Didriks: Royal Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the beautiful and culturally rich capital of Denmark. It boasts architectural landmarks, like the Marble Church in Ferderiksstaden, and the world-famous statue of Hans Christian Andersen's Little Mermaid. You can bring a little of Denmark's artistic beauty into your own home by welcoming Royal Copenhagen collections to your dining table.

Royal Copenhagen is famous for superior craftsmanship and an emphasis on tradition. Witnessing a table, replete with one of their stunning porcelain dinner services is like visiting another era. Now, that same level of luxury can be yours.

  • Blue Fluted Plain. The hand-painted Blue Fluted Plain dinnerware collection was their first. Its timeless beauty has remained a favorite since 1775. From the standard dishware to sauce boat and jug, every detail has been accounted for. If you prefer a more dressed up look, take a look at the Blue Fluted Full Lace collection, which enjoys the same classic blue-and-white porcelain look, with intricately detailed accents.
  • The Modern Copenhagen. If you prefer a more contemporary look, turn your attention towards the Black Fluted Mega porcelain. Designer Karen Kjaeldgard-Larsen blew up the classic fluted pattern, made it black, and created a neo-classical twist that will look perfectly placed in the most contemporary homes.
  • Flora Danica. Royal Copenhagen's Flora Danica series is one of the most prestigious porcelain collections in the world. The exquisite patterns were hand-painted by acclaimed porcelain artist Johann Christoph Bayer in the 1700's and each piece is unique.

Didriks is pleased to add the Royal Copenhagen line to our fine dinnerware collection.