Invest in the Lasting Outdoor Furniture: Barlow Tyrie

Whether you live in a very warm climate or a place with snow nine months out of the year you always want to make the most of time relaxing outdoors when the weather is warm, comfortable and sunny. Purchasing outdoor furniture that will last for many summers and sunny days can be a challenge. You have to find something to elegantly balance function, durability and design. A recent blog by designer Katie Rosenfeld speaks to this very same dilemma, entitled 'Investment Grade Purchase: Outdoor Furniture'. (You can find it at:

In this blog Rosenfeld names a top choice found on for beautiful, long-lasting, stainless steel or teak outdoor furniture: Barlow Tyrie.

We've included in this blog a few options of Barlow Tyrie furniture that lasts the test of time. If you need even more help, just contact us at our Cambridge location:

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Equinox Stainless Steel Outdoor Furniture by Barlow Tyrie

Teak Outdoor Furniture by Barlow Tyrie

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