iittala Teema Dinnerware Makes Basic Shapes Fun

One of the best things about working at Didriks is that we get to keep our eyes out for home furnishings that are extraordinary. We take basic things like tableware, and find designers and fabricators who make it into functional art. This is one of the reasons we are so enamored by iittala. They have taken basic shapes, and used them to create dinnerware that is a colorful and stylish addition to your dishware collection. Didriks Teema Dinnerware line

Combine-able dinnerware. For their Teema Dinnerware line, iittala took the basic shapes - circles, squares and triangles - and transformed them into a colorful, hip and attractive dinnerware pieces that will liven up your dinner parties or add a spot of color on a grey winter morning.

Didriks iitala Teema plate

Round and Square. Who says you can't mix a square peg and a round hole? It just depends on the application. We think the round dinner plates, square salad plates and various bowls go just perfectly together. The more eclectic the combination, the better!

Didriks iittala Teema mini serving set

Table setting for the minis. The Mini Serving Set is a must-have item. How can you resist these miniature dishes, perfectly sized for appetizers and tapas? If nothing else, you need to buy them for the triangle element to complete your not-so-basic shape collection. It's available in a range of colors or pure white.

The iittala pieces are all 100% oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe. It's doesn't get much more functional than that!

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